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Benefits Of Lakehouse's Goat Milk Lotion

Lakehouse prides itself in using natural ingredients in all our products because, well, they are rich in nutrients as much as the foodstuffs we enjoy on a daily.

Goat Milk is naturally rich in nutrients and is made to nurture and soothe your skin to smoothness and tenderness.

“Historically, it’s been said that ancient Egyptians used goat milk to heal and nurture their skin. Scientifically, goat milk is packed with fatty acids, proteins, amino acids, and vitamins to hydrate and soothe skin (and is particularly great for people with conditions like eczema or psoriasis).”

Here, we’ll see some of the benefits that come with using goat milk lotion.

1. Away with obscure artificial scents

You do not want a lotion that amplifies in smell when used. Lakehouse goat milk lotion has a natural scent, providing a natural fragrance and feel without necessarily getting strong on you and the surroundings.

2. Natural moisturizer and allergy-free

Goat’s milk contains cream, a moisturizer that goes ahead to soothe dry skin and repair damaged skin. Therefore, the fat protein in the cream reduces skin inflammation. As a result, goat lotion is hypoallergenic, gluten-free, and has no allergic reactions to even the most sensitive skins. But, lest we forget, self-care is essential.

3. Vitamin-rich

Your skin is hungry for vitamins. It is true. Lakehouse’s goat milk lotion is rich in these. The skin absorbs everything it comes into contact with and will regularly need vitamins to replenish and revitalize. This one comes with vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, C, D, and E, which can help you keep healthy skin.

4. Anti-Aging

This benefit is purely about goat’s milk. However, it is known for healing and rejuvenating skin. It is rich in Caprylic Acid, Lactic Acid, and Alpha-Hydroxy Acid. Alpha-Hydroxy Acid penetrates the top layer of the skin’s epidermis, removes dead skin cells, and stimulates collagen and elastin production, creating new, younger, brighter skin.

What makes Lakehouse natural products stand out is that we hold our end of the bargain in maintaining the goodness of nature. The products sip into your skin and body and help replenish your body and skin naturally.

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