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Best Natural Ingredients in our Skincare Products

Updated: May 25, 2021

For the past four weeks, we have been sharing our thoughts on mental health if you missed please visit ,

This week we are talking about the ingredients in our skincare products and how they can help alleviate stress and anxiety and promote general well-being and in particular mental stability.

There is surely no single solution to stress or anxiety but we believe at Lake House that nature gifts us solutions. The goodness of nature is found in the natural chemical composition of plants (this could be in their leaves, petals, nuts, stems, seeds, roots, shoots, barks...... name it)

Mother Nature has really thought it through for us. Many of the wonderful natural ingredients that are so good for our bodies and minds can already be found in our kitchens and compounds.

Lets first talk about stressed out skin.So how can we tell that our skins are stressed out? The most obvious sign is when the skin isn’t being itself, which often includes one or more of the following symptoms:

  • it’s red or patches that appear like a burn occurred

  • it looks dull and may feel rough

  • it feels itchy

  • it feels extra warm, and or hot

  • it feels tight and may be flaking, dry flaky patches

  • it has those unexplained rashes showing up from no where...... stress!!!!!

Things that can stress out our skins may be external factors like extreme weather conditions or over-exfoliating, or it can be internal factors like hormones, illness, or when you’re just feeling stressed in general!

The best way to prevent stressed out skin is to obviously avoid these situations and environments in the first place,( read our previous ) but in the case it does happen, there are some ingredients to soothe and restore your skin.

Its important that we pay attention to the ingredients in our skincare products because they will have an effect on how we look and feel and in turn impact on our mood, esteem or confidence.

Quality ingredients should have similar benefits that healthy food provides for your body, (in this case,improve your skin......reduce stress and make you feel better)

During formulation of our products at Lake House, we pick on ingredients based on a number of thing but for this particular blog and theme of the month we will focus on the phrase that Simple is best, we believe "less is more" and the ingredients we bring together in our products are simple skin foods that the skin will recognize as beneficial and nutritious.

In regard to mental well being some ingredients can reduce the impact of key stress hormones, we will highlight 7 important ingredients among so many others we thought you should consider when picking on skincare products to help with stress and anxiety.

  • Coconut oil which is hydrating and anti-inflammatory and perfect of skin and hair.... imagine a sleepless night spent scratching your body and hair, isn't that irritating and stressful?

  • Chamomile which helps calm the skin

  • Oatmeal which contains anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant chemicals as well as moisturizing compounds. It's the reason why oatmeal baths are so effective for conditions like eczema and rashes. The size and quality of oats is what makes the ingredient so therapeutic and soothing.

  • Shea butter which is derived from the nuts of a Shea trees, Shea butter is an ingredient in many moisturizers. These nutrients have a calming and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.

  • Tea tree which is anti-microbial and helpful in fighting blemish.

  • Propolis is another wonderful product from bees, propolis contains hundreds of antioxidants that help protect and heal our skin. It’s also anti-bacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory.

  • Aloe Vera.....need I say more? I think we’re all well aware of its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s definitely worthy of being a super ingredient, as it really does it all: hydrates, protects, heals, and even has anti-aging properties!

If you have sensitive skin or just easily stressed skin, it’s always smart to have a distressing product in your skincare wardrobe, just in case. Or next time when you’re shopping for skincare products, check the ingredient list to see if it includes any of these ingredients!

We hope you found this helpful, and let us know if you’ve tried any of these ingredients or products. (visit our website and look through our product profiles to understand ingredients we use in our products )

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