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Mental Health Tuesday - Being Intentional

Updated: May 24, 2021

Being intentional in our day to day activities or schedules

We are often in a rush most of our days, many of us fall into the flow of our thought patterns without taking the time to step back and reorient how we’re really doing that day or where our mind turned that corner into a downward spiral of anxiety or negativity.

Most of us start the day from a state of reaction instead of from intention. From the moment that we open our eyes we pick up our phones, and sift through our social media feeds to catch the latest status update or check our morning emails. When we do this, we’ve already given our minds over to society and the demands of others. We’ve set ourselves up to let the rest of the world set the tone and thought priorities for our day.

Even if we’re not engaging, we have already mentally handed over ourselves to what we’re seeing. And if what we’re seeing is anxiety-provoking or negative, it’s already planted a seed in our emotions.

We can’t always predict how the day will go, but we can choose to create a moment of space and take back ownership of our mindset before we let the rush of the world in.

SO..........Think about what seeds you’re planting before the day begins.

There are some practical simple ways we can take care of our bodies as it fuels our brains such as :-

staying hydrated and getting in some essential nutrients.

We can understand food as fuel for our bodies and the chemical building blocks for our brains. When we lack essential nutrient sources such as those found in greens, proteins, and fatty fish (omega-3’s) our energy depletes because we haven’t been eating and can cause moments that affect our moods.

Likewise, water is literally a lubricant for our organs, including our brains. 75% of our brain is made up of water. Dehydration can slow down brain functioning, cognition, attention, and focus. So consider what it may look like for you to stay hydrated throughout the day, such as keeping a refill bottle by your bed or on your desk!

We intend to walk the talk by intentionally living a simple life of eating well, staying hydrated and of course appreciating nature...... lets do this together to help promote mental health, not just this month of May but for the rest of our lives!!!!!

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