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Mental Health Tuesday - Lifestyle Practices

Updated: May 24, 2021

Good Mental Lifestyle Practices

Good mental health is both a state of mind and a lifestyle. Part of it is developing a rational, positive mind-set about oneself and the world.

Having sources of pleasure and a manageable level of stress facilitates good mental health as well. By practicing good mental health, we become more resilient and able to cope when our lives are riddled with stress and misfortune.

It’s important that our lifestyle choices help maintain this state of mind (positive / good mental health). This goes beyond fulfillment in our work and relationships. It’s about regularly engaging in activities that provide a sense of peace, including being in nature, meditating or working with a Therapist.

Working with a Therapist

Therapy can improve the quality of life and reduce symptoms of mental illness among many other benefits.

Working with a therapist is like having a coach who constantly helps and pushes you to maintain good mental health. Seeing a therapist doesn't necessary mean you are mentally ill. Throughout a relationship with a therapist, we can set specific and actionable mental health goals. These can range from developing new thought patterns (allowing for creativity and problem solving) to implementing healthy lifestyle changes. If things like trauma, toxic relationships, mental illness, or negative beliefs are holding us back from having a positive state of mind, working with a therapist might be helpful.

Trying Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness practices can reduce negative thoughts and stress, and improve on our mental wellness. Practices like being in nature, praying quietly, self-care treats (to the spa, buying yourself an expensive desert you have longed for in a while etc) or mindful breathing, gardening, painting quietly, reading, journaling, walks etc……

Whatever you will define as mindful, the most important part in all of this is to be present. For example, think about the last time you ate something that tasted good, maybe the expensive desert we mentioned earlier. When you actually sat down to eat it, were you in the moment when you ate it? Were you present, thinking about the taste of the desert and the experience of eating it?

I think these small unimportant practices can make us feel good and give us some peace and keep us at bay mentally….. life is short!!!!

Regular Exercise

Physical activity can reduce symptoms of mental illness. Research says when we exercise, it’s as if some of our anxiety, depression, and stress transforms into sweat. Rather than it building up in our bodies, it slides off.

Healthy Dieting

Each piece of food and glass of liquid we drink affects our mental health. The effects are small, but they can add up as part of a healthy diet. We should consider conducting further research on what foods to eat or consult a nutritionist for help in incorporating certain foods into our diets.

Other simple daily practices we can do to keep us happy, joyful and mentally sane are:-

Be Grateful (this helps our attitudes positively), laugh a lot and sing out loud the wrinkles will be wiped off, engage in some social interaction we all need a support system, engage in community activities (volunteer) an opportunity to share and give you a new and positive perspective to life, make positive affirmations to yourself to motivate you and push you through……….. all these bring joy to us, help us cope with whats going on and create a support system.

Final Thoughts

Living simply is possible and keeps our minds sane!!!!!!

Please share this with a friend or pick on practices to help yourself or a friend that could be struggling through life. We can help each other live a mentally positive life..........

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