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Skincare Tips For Warm Weather

The weather pattern has run its course and gone full circle. It has gotten a lot warmer than any time earlier in the year. Some products should remain constant throughout the year, but the hot weather may present specific challenges for your complexion, like hyperpigmentation and acne that you’ll want to prepare for.

As you might have read before, sound mental health is a skincare cheat code; the last thing Lake House would want is for you to lose all the skincare work done so far and plunge into a recession. So we are all for positive steps.

This year, and most definitely last year, have been not like any other in recent history. COVID19 has been experienced everywhere, and it is expected that there will be effects on your skin. Because of masking up, many people have reported that they’re developing “maskne”, another name for the acne that may appear around your chin, cheeks, and mouth because of constantly wearing a mask (filthy ones)

Back to the matter, with the temperatures rising, you may not need to switch up your skincare routine entirely but only make a few adjustments. We will help you understand what needs to change and what should change. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) notes that our bodies produce more androgens in times of stress, a group of hormones that can cause acne as they stimulate oil glands and hair follicles in the skin.

Warm weather glow

Glow lasts forever. It is irrespective of time and weather. So you need to take care of yourself and look the way that makes you most comfortable about yourself.

A gentle face and body wash or soap.

Acne breakouts are stressful. Those humps and bumps have no room on your skin. The good news is that you don’t have to hide in your house because there is a solution for acne in this hot weather. Yes, for “maskne” too. A gentle and effective face wash, a body wash or soap can help neutralise bacteria. It can soothe and get rid of acne that is popping up anywhere on your body.

A gentle cleanser for oily & dry skin

In response to heat, your body starts to overproduce sebum (body oil), leading to clogged pores that show up as tiny black dots on the skin. This cleanser helps reduce the fat being produced by the body. Breakout-prone skin may also benefit from switching from a creamier cleanser to one that’s gel-based or foaming to control oil better.

Moisturiser is king

Ensure that you are using the right moisturiser. Every skin reacts differently to the different cleansers and moisturisers on the market. You want one that works for your skin just fine. If you happen to feel dry, use your moisturiser. If you feel greasy, skip it.

It is simple skincare.

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