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The Best Liquid Soap In Uganda

A clean environment speaks to the soul and the mind!

A fresh environment comes along with staying clean; it gives you the best feeling ever. It doesn’t just bring a refreshing feeling but also gives you comfort and confidence, but all this still comes down to what you use to clean.

Sanitation and hygiene are vital for your health and life; talking about these two, we are probably talking about body hygiene, the clothes you put on, where you stay and the environment around you. A neat and clean environment comes with what you use to clean, some detergents are excellent, and others are just trying, but to assure one of the best detergents that will never disappoint you is liquid soap.

Liquid soap means soap that is a form of a liquid made from salts of vegetables and animal fats; it is a perfect cleansing agent, especially with floors, robes, outdoor wear, things made of leather-like bags, shoes, belts, suitcases. You can use liquid soap to clean anything, such as doors, utensils, walls, chairs, and bathrooms. You can as well go organic.

In Uganda, Liquid soap is currently used in most homes for cleaning purposes and washing clothes. There is a steady supply of liquid soap, which has been enabled by the availability of producing and supply companies that offer liquid soap at the lowest prices afforded by the majority. Today we will know more about these companies and where they are located in case you wanted to reach out to them.

The best producers of liquid soap in Uganda

1. Lake House Uganda

Lake House is your number one home of wellness, specializing in giving you complete organic products. These include organic liquid soap, organic scrubs, organic body butter, organic hair products, organic skin care products, organic healing balms, organic baby oils, and organic body oils. Lake House believes that nothing beats nature regarding providing wellness, and that’s why they have specialized in availing organic products closer to you. Prioritize your health by trusting products made by Lake House Uganda; it's one of the companies that produce reliable organic products recognized by the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS).

In case you want to reach out or visit Lake House, they are found in Bugolobi, Binayomba Rise plot 18- Kampala Uganda; Lake House is open from Monday to Saturday their working are 9 am-5 pm that is Monday to Friday while Saturday they work from 9 am-3 pm. You can also follow their social media pages to find out more about Lake House on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, alternative; you can visit their website to check out for more info @ They can also deliver around Kampala if you have an order, and you can contact; +25670884760.

2. Chamuka Liquid soap

They are highly ranked as a manufacturer of liquid soap, hand wash, dish wash, shower gel laundry bar washing soap and hair Shampoo. These products have been verified by the Uganda National Bureau of Standards, meaning that Chamuka’s products are high quality and can cause no harm to the body. Chamuka produces various quantities of the above-mentioned products meaning that even those with a narrow pocket are catered for; their quantities and volumes include; 20-liter big Jerry cans of the liquid soap and the hair shampoo, 5 liters, 1 liter, and there are also small bottles. Chamuka products are supplied to wholesalers, retailers, distributors, schools, arcades, hotels, big companies and organizations, and industries. Chamuka has the best washing and cleaning products, including the washing bar soap available in different sizes and quantities like; 1 kilogram.

Chamuka detergents are manufactured in Uganda by standard detergents international limited located at Stanet House Mengo; they also have a branch in Buloba that is always open. More about Chamuka products are their location details that are; Mityana Road Kampala Uganda and for contact details; 0753060085. Their business hours are Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm, but for Saturday, they are open from 9 am to 4 pm.

3. Ryatumwa Enterprises Limited

This is one of the companies that has been verified by the Uganda National Bureau of standards for producing and manufacturing good quality products and has been listed on East Africa tenders as one of the best-verified producers of detergents in Uganda.

Ryatumwa enterprises started their operations in May 2017. Since then, it has specialized in producing liquid soap, shower gel, hand sanitizers, hair shampoo, toilet cleaner, dish wash, hand wash and disinfectants.

Ryatumwa enterprises are located at Bunga, Kampala-Uganda; for more information about Ryatumwa enterprises limited, you can contact them by email; or phone call at; 0788355637.

4. Mala Group of companies Limited

Mala supplies liquid soap, soap and hair shampoo, it is located in Wakiso, and it started its operations way back in December 2013. For more information about Mala, you can visit them at; Bukolua road plot 06, Wakiso district-Uganda. Alternatively, you call +256781331266 or reach out to them by email;

7. Jumia-Uganda

Uganda’s number one trusted online shopping mall and one that the majority has used is trusted and credited, delivers products on time and for free, its products are pocket friendly, distributes quality goods, and has been appreciated by everyone.

Jumia delivers quite a several goods ranging from liquid soap and washing and body detergents; technology consumables like; laptops, other electronics, televisions, phones, fashion products, supermarket goods, foodstuffs, and more prices ever. If you are looking for the best detergents for home, business, and office use, Jumia got you covered with the cheapest and affordable detergents that can help you have the best of the kind of clean environment and house you like to stay in. Jumia supplies washing, cleaning and body detergents like; Adonia liquid soap, Oxi Brite gel, Arm and Hammer liquid laundry, Purex Liquid detergent, crystal pure perfumed liquid soap, octopus synthetic organic liquid soap, Mponye liquid soap and many more but for more information on products and what they sell you can visit their website at; or you can place an order by calling 0323001380.

8. JIJI Limited Uganda

You find it irritating staying in a dirty place, and unfortunately, the detergents you use don’t bring it out just like you wish! Hey, come on! You are using the wrong products; the only trusted and approved product that can do the best for you is organic Liquid soap, and where can you find organic liquid soap? Jiji limited Uganda got you covered. It’s pretty amazing. Why do you go to places that are not worth it yet? There are places and shopping malls that provide the best quality organic washing, cleaning and body detergent products at relatively lower prices; one of these places is Jiji limited Uganda.

Jiji limited Uganda provides organic detergents of all types, but majorly they provide the best organic washing, cleaning and body consumables like; jess liquid soap, multipurpose liquid soap, single liquid soap dispensers and double dispensers; however, they have quite a several services ranging from electronics, mobile phones and tablets, home furniture and appliances, health and beauty, fashion products, sports, arts and outdoors and many other products.

For more information about Jiji Uganda, you can visit their website at; www.Jiji.Ug/or you can install the Jiji app for more follow-ups. They have their social media pages, and you can visit all of them to check out one by one on their products; facebook-Jiji Uganda, Twitter; Jiji Uganda (@Jiji Uganda), Instagram; Jiji Uganda (@jiji Uganda), they also have an account on Pinterest, and you can follow them to see their posts. Jiji Limited Uganda supplies organic products of all kinds ranging from; body and bath, fragrance, hair beauty, makeup, sexual wellness, skincare, tools and accessories, and vitamins and supplements.

Final thoughts

There are so many companies in Uganda producing detergents but trust we have listed the best out of the majority and the ones that you can rely on for the best quality products.

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