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Get The Best Organic Soap In Uganda

In today’s world, people prioritize nature above any other thing; this is because they believe that nothing beats a healthy life with nature in your corner. A healthier life starts with self-care and using products that are free from additives, preservatives and the products we are talking about now are organic products. Organic soap is heavily sought after.

Organic products refer to things or materials that are made from living things. There are so many goods made out of organic materials or those done naturally without having any additives and preservatives; for example, organic foods-refers to food that is grown without using pesticides and fertilizers. The same goes for organic liquid soap; it is made of natural products without so many additives and preservatives, at least 90% of natural products.

In Uganda, most companies produce liquid soap, but a few produce organic liquid soap from nature; today, we are bringing it to some of these companies.

The best producers of organic Liquid Soap in Uganda

1. Ark Organics

To produce the best quality organic products, Ark organics Uganda uses natural remedies to manufacture many products. For example, organic liquid soap, however, they are so much focused on supplying and delivering purely organic foods. Ark organics put so much effort into maintaining organic goods because they believe that they are so healthful.

For more information about Ark Organics, you can contact them by email at; or call 0752 775165 for delivery if you press your order. Alternatively, you can visit them at 14 lower Kololo Terrace Rd, Kampala- Uganda. Or you can visit their social media pages to see what they offer, which is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and they also have a website so you can check out at;

2. Lake House Uganda

Lake House is your number one home of wellness, specializing in giving you complete organic products. These include organic liquid soap, organic scrubs, organic body butter, organic hair products, organic skin care products, organic healing balms, organic baby oils, and organic body oils. Lake House believes that nothing beats nature regarding providing wellness, and that’s why they have specialized in availing organic products closer to you. Prioritize your health by trusting products made by Lake House Uganda; it's one of the companies that produce reliable organic products recognized by the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS).

In case you want to reach out or visit Lake House, they are found in Bugolobi, Binayomba Rise plot 18- Kampala Uganda; Lake House is open from Monday to Saturday their working are 9 am-5 pm that is Monday to Friday while Saturday they work from 9 am-3 pm. You can also follow their social media pages to find out more about Lake House on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, alternative; you can visit their website to check out for more info @ They can also deliver around Kampala if you have an order, and you can contact; +25670884760.

3. JIJI Limited Uganda

You find it irritating staying in a dirty place, and unfortunately, the detergents you use don’t bring it out just like you wish! Hey, come on! You are using the wrong products; the only trusted and approved product that can do the best for you is organic Liquid soap, and where can you find organic liquid soap? Jiji limited Uganda got you covered. It’s pretty amazing. Why do you go to places that are not worth it yet? There are places and shopping malls that provide the best quality organic washing, cleaning and body detergent products at relatively lower prices; one of these places is Jiji limited Uganda.

Jiji limited Uganda provides organic detergents of all types, but majorly they provide the best organic washing, cleaning and body consumables like; jess liquid soap, multipurpose liquid soap, single liquid soap dispensers and double dispensers; however, they have quite a several services ranging from electronics, mobile phones and tablets, home furniture and appliances, health and beauty, fashion products, sports, arts and outdoors and many other products.

For more information about Jiji Uganda, you can visit their website at; www.Jiji. Ug/or you can install the Jiji app for more follow-ups. They have their social media pages, and you can visit all of them to check out one by one on their products; facebook-Jiji Uganda, Twitter; Jiji Uganda (@Jiji Uganda), Instagram; Jiji Uganda (@jiji Uganda), they also have an account on Pinterest, and you can follow them to see their posts. Jiji Limited Uganda supplies organic products of all kinds ranging from; body and bath, fragrance, hair beauty, makeup, sexual wellness, skincare, tools and accessories, and then vitamins and supplements.

4. Ubuy Uganda

This supplies Dr.Bronner’s Pure Castile liquid soap with a lavender scent made from organic oils. Pure Castile liquid soap is good for the body, face, hair, Laundry, mopping, hand washing, pots and dishes. It is concentrated vegan and doesn’t contain GMOs. Castile pure liquid soap is made of organic oils, and 90% of the ingredients are purely organic.

Castile soap is good for the body because all the products used to manufacture it are natural and pose no threat to the environment. There is no single addition of synthetic preservatives, detergents and foaming agents but rather the use of plant-based ingredients which are good for the body and the skin. Ubuy Uganda ships Dr.Bronner’s castile soap, and it takes a minimum of about 10 days to have your order arrive. You can pay for your order using PayPal, Visa card and Master card.

To have more information about this product, you can contact Ubuy Uganda contact and reach out to them at; AHA Towers, 4th floor, Lourdel Road, Nakasero –Kampala, and you can write to them through their email at

In conclusion, there are a few companies in Uganda manufacturing and producing organic liquid soap. Those that manufacture and produce are; Lake House Uganda, Ark organic products, while Jiji Limited Uganda and Ubuy Uganda are just suppliers.

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